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26th-May-2011 01:05 pm - Serious politics...
My cat
I see that the SNP is fighting for bigotry and booze!

Oh, wait. My mistake. They're fighting against bigotry and booze.

Nope, couldn't write it that way with a straight face. I still think I was right the first time...
20th-May-2011 01:01 pm - Flattr
My cat
I've been experimenting with Flattr.

Well, I say experimenting. More like "have put some money in it, and now never see anything I want to Flattr".

But they give the money to charity after a month anyway, so if I don't spend it it'll go somewhere.

Still, if you know of anything worth a Flattr, do let me know.
My cat

My zodiac sign is Gemini. I am only one person, so already the zodiac is on shaky ground.

Astrology is bunk.

Everything you will ever need to know about astrology is in this video clip:

The quality of the video may be low, but the quality of content is pricelessly insightful...

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My cat

(I will complete this damned meme, even if I post the last day a mere hour before the heat death of the universe!)


That reminds me of a Bender quote - "Interesting. No, wait, the other one - tedious."

One man's interesting is another man's tedious, so I make no guarantee of interestingness here. In fact, some of these facts were picked precisely because they are tedious...

  • I have a tiny start to an art collection - some photographic prints and a selection of Bob Dewar sketches.
  • I was born in Manchester, moved to Warwick at about one, and then to the Sarf East at the age of seven.
  • I was teetotal for a while as a teenager.
  • I have been a member of the cubs, scouts, and venture scouts. It turns out they're not miracle workers, but maybe your kids will fare better...
  • I have hundreds of bottles of whisky, unopened, waiting for tasting.
  • I find thinking of thirty facts quite hard.
  • Whilst working at ICL, I got lost in the corporate structure and worked for almost a year without a manager or any assigned department. Eventually they noticed and assigned me a manager, but it was great whilst it lasted.
  • I broke my arm when I was a just starting to walk - by trying to climb out of a high-chair unaided.
  • I am afraid of heights (see above?), but love flying.
  • I've seen almost all my must-see bands live, and was happy with most of them.
  • I would do anything for love, but I won't do that. It's disgusting. Stop asking me about it.
  • I have been kettled. It was an accident.
  • I view camping as practice for the end of civilisation. Contrary to the Daily Mail's view, I see civilisation as healthy enough, therefore don't see the need for camping.
  • I write fiction, but don't really bore the public with it. This will hopefully change later this year.
  • I used to wrestle bears, but had to give it up as my honey-like smell drove them wild.
  • My most interesting thesis would probably be titled "The Porn Bush: A Most Curious Reflection Of Society". (It's a specialist subject of mine. Fortunately, I'm not academic.)
  • I still don't think we should be able to call it a USB dongle with a straight face...
  • If I could have a superpower, it would be the ability to turn things into chocolate at will. I fail to see why I should save the likes of you lot from trouble you no doubt got yourselves into anyway, when I could be stuffing my face instead.
  • I can see three bottles of port from where I'm sitting.
  • And a bottle of rum.
  • I've owned six MP3 players since 1999, yet only five mobile phones since 1997.
  • I haven't remembered a dream since I was six.
  • I invented a robot that can remove all the brown M&M's from a packet, but decided it was too good for you so destroyed it and all the plans for it.
  • I was Arnold Schwarzenegger's body double in the film Predator.
  • My life was chronicled in the little-known TV series "Glam Metal Detectives".
  • There is a statue of me in a disused tube station, and it is made of pure Awesomeanium.
  • I controlled the world for fifteen minutes, but then the batteries in the remote went flat and I keep forgetting to replace them. Sorry.
  • At the age of four, I invented Lego, but only because I wasn't entirely satisfied with my previous effort - sticklebricks.
  • Jedward escaped from my laboratory during a power cut. If you find them, please don't bring them back.
  • I have never, ever run out of real interesting facts about myself.

Some of these facts are not true. There is no prize for guessing which ones are lies, but don't let that stop you from guessing anyway.

(pinkshifter is disqualified from commenting, as she graciously assisted on some of the later facts.)

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31st-Mar-2011 08:04 am - World Backup Day - Check your backups
My cat

Today is World Backup Day.

There are some good deals there for cloud-style backup systems.

But more importantly, today should be a reminder for us all to review our backups of our precious data.

And even for the smug folks like me who have backups sorted, today is a day to check your data restores properly.

  • If you have no backups, check the deals out and sort it out.
  • If you have backups, review that they're covering everything you want - then do a test restore!
  • If you're smugly assured that everything you care about's safe in the cloud (on LJ, Twitter, Delicious, etc), consider grabbing an offline copy using a backup script or the built-in tools. No such tool? Complain!

Later today, I'll be doing a test restore or two, followed by a quick review of what and how I backup.

Don't leave it until it's too late...

24th-Mar-2011 07:29 pm - Windows 7 - Phil's Verdict
My cat
So, Windows 7.  I now have a PC with it on.  And, coming from Windows XP, what do I think of it?

Still shit.

My criteria for that?

Oh, many many things.  But I'll narrow it down for you to one thing...

It was still easier to set up dual monitors under Ubuntu than it was under Windows 7.

Actually, let's reword that for accuracy.

It was possible to set up dual monitors under Ubuntu, it wasn't under Windows 7.

Windows keeps, for reasons unknown, dicking about with the refresh rates whenever I put it into dual monitor mode, making the screen a flickering unreadable mess.

Still, I do need Windows.

Windows remains, for the moment, the £100 bit of software that turns my £1600 PC into a £200 games console.

Frankly, the moment I can run Team Fortress 2 under Linux, Windows' days are done on this PC...
24th-Mar-2011 07:04 pm - At last!
My cat

I can now type on a real keyboard. Look ahead at a monitor.  And do things that are disk/memory intensive!

Such bliss!
My cat

I've had low points, a long time ago. And I may have contemplated ending it all then.

I suspect everyone has.

But they were a long time ago, and the memories are hazy and unreliable.

I think that makes this one a pass, in more than one way.

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My cat

Before I go into such a touchy subject, I want to define what I mean when I talk about religion.

For the purpose of this discussion, religion is a collective of people brought together by common belief, method of worship and expression of spiritual beliefs.

In other words, I'm talking about groups of people here - not one person's beliefs.

That having been said, what are my views of religion?

Religion is bad thing.

In fact, I believe that religion is the worst of human behaviours.

A good person does not need religion to do good. But a good person invariably needs religion to justify being bad.

Religion isn't all bad. It provides support, community and charity.

But all of those things can be - and are - provided without religion too. Nobody needs religion to be good.

But when someone wants their prejudice confirmed? When they want to hurt someone, and need a peer group to affirm that they're not bad for doing so? Well, religion will always be there. Sometimes silently approving, sometimes pushing things along actively.

But religion is what helps good people do bad things and justify them as good things.

I don't care what you believe. I do care about how you treat those you encounter in life. And the more I see how religion taints such encounters, the less and less I like it.

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3rd-Mar-2011 01:06 pm - Grrr...
My cat
 It's been a busy 7 days, but I finally got around to the next day of 30 Days/30 Memes.

(What?  The days were supposed to be concurrent?  Well, if you want to constrain yourself like that, then be my guest!)

Having just written for about an hour, I hit Post and....  LJ lost the post.  The remote server terminated the connection, and my work was gone.

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